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What is an Australia Citizenship Form?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection provides people with the opportunity of becoming a citizen within Australia. The first step of becoming part of the country is using Form 1195 for applying to initiate the process. The use of this application includes working across the person's details along with several declarations that would provoke the government to accept it.

Along with adding details by being the applicant, specific provisions of identity declaration need to be completed. Covering such details across the form helps the applicant make a strong case with the citizenship, even though there are many requirements to be completed.

Information Required on an Australia Citizenship Form

Form 1195 is quite comprehensive, considering the number of details that are taken across the record. To make things easier, the form is divided into different portions, where every portion will be covering a significant detail of the form. As you start filling out Form 1195 for Australian citizenship, you should be aware of providing such information in detail.

  • Details of the person who is applying for citizenship. It should include the family name, full name, residential and postal address, telephone numbers of different natures, and the transaction reference number.
  • Details of the person making an identity declaration include their family name, full name, home or business address, a clear photograph, telephone number, and citizenship status.
  • Covering the identity declaration and filling it out with the appropriate signature.
  • Signature of the applicant.
  • Filling out the required places with the signature of the responsible parent along with their full names and contact numbers.

How to Fill Out an Australia Citizenship Form?

Filling out a Form 1195 is quite straightforward and documented in a lot of ways. Since this form is to be submitted to the government of Australia for processing, the data provided in the form, along with the images, are believed to be extremely clear. Following this, all the other details and discussions that you are not allowed to do should be kept out of the discussion. However, if someone is looking for a simple explanation for filling out a Form 1195, they should consider the following steps.

Step 1: Fill out the applicant's details in the form with their family name, full name, addresses, contact numbers, and transaction reference number.

Step 2: The next step contains information about the person who will perform the identity declaration. They are required to give their family name, full name, an address, a contact number, a photograph that should definitely not be signed, and citizenship status.

Step 3: Fill out the declaration clause and sign the document if you endorse knowing the person for the specific set of years.

Step 4: Let the applicant sign the appropriate sections. Following that, the applicant's parents are also required to sign the document and provide details, including their names and contact numbers.

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